Defeat Dry Winter Skin


Discover 3 Simple Steps to Defeat Dry Winter Skin

When the temperature drops, do you feel your skin’s moisture level dropping right along with it?  Winter is a tough season on your skin! Combine dry air and central heating and you’ve got the perfect storm for chapped lips, itchy cracked hands, and other signs of sensitive skin such as abnormal stinging, burning, and pain.

Your skin is your biggest defense against the elements.  Help it out by following these easy steps to achieve a moisturized healthy glow all winter long. - Defeat Dry Winter Skin.jpeg

1.      HYDRATE 

Hydrate from the inside out!  Given that water is a key component of the skin, it probably comes as no surprise that good ol’ H2O is one of the most important sources of hydration for our bodies.  Add moisture to the air by using a humidifier in your home.  When there is adequate water from inside and out, the skin looks healthier and more vibrant. 


Moisturize with the correct products immediately after washing!  Gentle, unscented products help to retain your skin’s natural oils.  Ointments and creams are more effective and less irritating than lotions.  Ingredients to look for include:  lactic or hyaluronic acid, urea, ceramides, and petrolatum. Don’t forget to wear a soothing lip balm on your lips!

3.      PROTECT

UV rays can do damage even when it’s not summer, so use sun protection all year round!  Look for products that moisturize and contain an SPF.  Dress appropriately when you’re outside in the cold weather by covering as much exposed skin as possible.  Our hands are often the first place we notice dry skin.  Easy solution – wear gloves outdoors and before tasks that involve exposing your hands to water and other harsh chemicals.

Now you’re ready to face “Jack Frost” head on.  And you know what the best part is?  Next time you turn the corner into a harsh wind, you’ll know your skin is protected.

For even more information about dry skin issues, visit American Academy of Dermatology.

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